Everyone thinks we’re red and blue, but we’re green too!

Here at Mount Vital we do what we can towards helping our wonderful planet! After all, many products we sell are helping people achieve the purest water they can, thereby contributing towards their good health. So it follows that we care about good health in general and the importance of living in a clean environment. Our water is great tasting, great quality, and economical. By refilling from your water filter  dispenser, you can say no to bottled water!
Bottled water is not cheap  – Australians spend over $500 million on bottled water every year, and it has a huge environmental effect. Before bottled water gets to us, it has to be pumped out of the ground, packaged, transported and chilled. This creates over 60,000 tons of greenhouse gasses a year in Australia alone.
Thousands of tonnes of plastic bottles end up in landfill, and on Clean Up Australia Day, plastic bottles are among the ten most common rubbish items that are picked up.
When you purchase a water filtration unit from Mount Vital, you are ensuring health benefits for yourself, and by refilling your own water bottle, you’re keeping the environment healthy too!
At the Mount Vital office, we have a growing list of ‘green’ initiatives, with recycling being high on that list. Old filters are recyclable, as is much metal out of old filtration units. We recycle large amounts of cardboard, we keep our paper trail to a minimum, and much of the paper we use is from sustainably managed forestry plantations.
Our staff are on the lookout for ‘green’ ideas which can be implemented by us. This has resulted in acquiring new and efficient service vehicles, a tree planting program on our premises, with improved gardens for everyone to enjoy.

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