That means we put our customers first. Whether you call into our office to buy a filter, phone for a filter service or have a question about the best filtration system for your situation, we want your experience with us to be exceptional.

Mount Vital is located in Queanbeyan and serves Canberra and the surrounding region. We have been involved in water filtration sales and service for many years and can give excellent filtration advice. Our staff are friendly, and our technicians are prompt and well presented.

We offer fast servicing. Mount Vital boasts a 24 hour turnaround time on all responsive call-outs. We understand the importance of having your assets operating the way they were designed, and our technicians will create the least disturbance with the greatest respect for your premises.

Why do we need to filter water?

It would be great if we could drink water from a natural spring in our backyard! In real life, for most of us, water comes from a tap, and the water has been stored somewhere. In the city, water storage requires chemical addition to eliminating germs and impurities. These chemicals are not the best for us to drink, and washing in chlorinated water causes problems for people with skin disorders,

Tank water often requires sediment filtration to remove dirt and improve the taste and may require an ultraviolet light or similar to remove germs. For people living on the land, dam or bore water has its own particular needs. Water softening treatment is the most common requirement, and is often combined with other filtration to ensure the water is as pure as possible.

Mount Vital can supply the product and the solution to your need.


“To serve our customers quickly, pleasantly and with efficiency.

To enhance the day of others

through being the problem solvers and solution providers”


“To assist our Nation towards good health,

through drinking quality water”

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