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Make every swim a delight with help from Mount Vital. We offer an extensive selection of cartridge pool filters for sale, making it simple and easy to keep your pool clean and hygienic no matter the circumstances.

People across Australia love a dip in the pool, but it’s important to take measures to keep yours clean. Thanks to our range, more people can afford to keep their built in and above ground pools in the best possible condition. Priced competitively and built to last, it’s never been more affordable to ensure you have pristine, sediment-free waters in your pool. Browse our range today and discover why so many homes across the country rely on our pool and spa filters.

Keep your pool hygienic

Without the right filter, your pool can look simply disgusting. Allowing sediment to flow into and settle in the water can lead to a cloudy, murky appearance that looks bad and feels worse. Choosing the Mount Vital range ensures that your pool stays clear and bright with minimal effort. Designed for maximum longevity and featuring a pleated filter media for the greatest surface area, our range of cartridges boast a high dirt holding capacity, increasing the time between changes and washes.

Choosing our range can really help to reduce the maintenance costs attached to your pool. The enhanced lifespan means less money spent on new cartridges, and our affordable prices and low-cost shipping means that when the time does come for a replacement, it won’t break the bank. With the capability to filter particles as small as five microns, you’re making the choice to install a thorough and high-quality filtration system in your pool.

Making every day cleaner

Mount Vital’s extensive range makes water purer and cleaner no matter what you’re doing. Whether it’s a cup of coffee or water from your property’s pump, we’re there for you with cutting edge filtration technology, resulting in clearer, more hygienic water each and every time.

Order your filters today, or get in touch with any questions by calling our Canberra office on 1300 858 138 or sending us an email at sales@mountvital.com.

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