Fridge Filters

A refreshing glass of chilled water every time

Enjoy a cup of delicious water at the touch of a button. Mount Vital offers a range of fridge filters through our online store, helping to remove foul tastes and odours from every drop resulting in a purer, cleaner glass of water every time.

While there are many different varieties of filter on the market, Mount Vital is the preferred brand in homes and businesses across Australia with good reason. Our discount fridge filters are extremely affordable, delivering exceptional longevity and scale inhibition at a competitive cost, so more people can get the benefit of reducing sediment, chlorine, taste and odour in their water. Take a look at our range and find something for your kitchen.

Useful wherever there’s a risk of scaling, our filters are suitable for use in a range of appliances – not just fridges. You’ll find our range in coffee machines, urns and boiling water units across the country, delivering a superior cup of tea or coffee no matter the circumstances.

Industry-leading products backed up by technical excellence

Our filters can provide up to 12 months or more than 7500 litres of filtered water, and are suitable for use with both warm and chilled water – between 1°C and 40°C. Installation is easy with twist action fitting, and each comes with a nominal micron rating of five, giving it the capabilities to capture particles smaller than a red blood cell. Make the right choice for the health and enjoyment of your family or customers and choose from the range of appliance and fridge filters at Mount Vital.

Mount Vital stands apart in a crowded market, blending cutting-edge filtration products, a breadth and depth of technical knowledge, experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction to provide an exemplary service to both commercial and residential customers. We make it simple to get the best for your home or business with our affordable prices, fast postage, extensive range, and quality advice.

Order today, or get in touch with our Canberra office via email at or over the phone on 1300 858 138.