Rural Filtration

Rural Water Filtration Systems

If you run a station or even just live a bit out bush, you know how crucial it is to ensure that you have the correct water filter in place. Mount Vital offers a range of exceptional sediment filters ensuring that every drop is as pure as possible.

Especially in a country with as many stations and rural settlements as Australia, the market is crowded with a huge number of water filters of various qualities and designs. Mount Vital is proud to offer some of the highest quality sediment filter cartridges in the industry at some of the most competitive prices, helping everyone live a purer life. Browse our range today and discover the difference for yourself.

Keeping your water cleaner and safer

Proper rural water filtration is crucial to ensuring that your water is not only safe and delicious to drink, but also helps to reduce pump wear and minimise damage to seals and valves, potentially saving you thousands in early maintenance costs.

The right filtration system starts with the right filter, so ensure you choose from our selection of superior cartridges, delivering enhanced lifespan over competing brands. Designed with a greater surface area for higher dirt holding capacity, Mount Vital filters support you by ensuring that you go longer between filter changes, saving you time and money that would be spent rotating your cartridges.

People living in remote areas are already under enough financial stress – don’t compound it by using inferior, short-lived filters. Make the right choice for your bottom line and choose Mount Vital for your pump.

The right choice wherever you are

Browse the selection of products at Mount Vital and discover why we’re the favourite filter supplier of everyone from the corner café to the remote cattle station. Our extensive collection of products supports filtration efforts in nearly every aspect of life, meaning that wherever you are, you can enjoy clean, pure delicious water.

Order today, or get in touch with our friendly customer service team and find out why so many have made the switch to our filters. Send us an email at or call us on 1300 858 138 to chat to the staff at our Canberra office.


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